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Digital Wedding Secrets 

There are some jobs which take getting used to. There are other jobs which, no matter how long you do them and how much experience you have, still make every morning feel like an unpleasant dream from which you haven’t woken up. And then there are jobs which pay you well to do surprisingly little work and even have a little fun into the bargain.... 


Best Man Speech Insight 

Anyone who has ever done the job of best man will know that it can be a double-edged sword. There are certainly perks to the job – a lot of attention without having to be the one “taking the plunge”, as it were, for one thing – but there is also a lot of responsibility. Making sure the groom gets to the church on time, looking after the rings, organizing the stag night – things which in theory are quite straightforward but never appear that simple in the cold light of day.  ...


Wedding MC Jokebook 

Being the MC at a wedding is not always an easy job to do. Think about the audience that you have to deal with – there are people there of all ages, people who know the bride and groom (sometimes too well), people who have come along just because there is the opportunity for a free bar, and coming up with the jokes to make this wedding party laugh until they cry without anyone storming out because they are offended is a very exacting task. ...

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