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Understand The Psychology Of Men

Understand The Psychology Of Men

This article is all about how to get your ex boyfriend back. In order to do this, you have to get into the psychology of men. Guys operate differently than girls do. Understanding men is the first step in how to get your ex boyfriend back.

First of all, understand that guys are visual creatures. Where women place a guys looks as “somewhat important” in terms of who they go out with, for men it is often the number one criteria.

Think back to the moment when you met your ex. How did you look then? You may have been at a bar or on a blind date, but whatever the situation was, you probably primped and preened. He saw you at your best. And, he liked it!

Then, as you went on, you may have gotten somewhat sloppy. You lounged around his house in sweats and his oversized t-shirts. You put your hair into a ponytail instead of curls.

Over time, he lost interest in your looks. He started noticing other girls. You lost your luster.

Then, something caused the break. No, it probably wasn’t specifically your looks. It may have even been something stupid. But, things had been building up to this in his mind because you had stopped being attractive to him.

So, if you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back, you should start by looking good all of the time again. You will want to get it back into his psyche that you are an appealing, desirable women.

Next, you need to make sure that he sees you in this pretty state again. There are a number of ways to do this.

For instance, you can accidently “bump” into him at a bar he hangs out at. Or, you can ask him out to coffee to work out any lingering issues. Just remember to look your best.

If this doesn’t work, you can work on the third issue of psychology of men in how to get your ex boyfriend back. That is: jealousy. Men are jealous creatures. They want what they perceive that other men want.

Therefore, when you run into your ex and his buddies, acknowledge him, but start flirting outrageously with his friends. When they respond, he’ll want you back.

Or, ask his best friend out. Then, ask your ex where his friend would like to go on a date. That will freak him out.

If you are wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back, play on these three traits of his psychology and you’re sure to win.

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