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Sergio The Virtual Boyfriend

Sergio The Virtual Boyfriend

Do you have a virtual boyfriend? If true love isn’t working in the real world, maybe you should consider finding one in cyberspace. That’s the idea behind a new game that is gaining popularity. It’s called Virtual Boyfriend.

Your virtual boyfriend name is Sergio. SERGIO 3 is the third evolution of developing virtual humans for personal companionship and entertainment. The game is not just another chatbot but a program designed to mimic human awareness. One of its main features is knowledge acquisition; every time you talk with SERGIO he learns, remembers, and understands.

Sergio 3 is quite popular. He gets 500 new downloads every day.

Sergio can learn by interacting with you and creating relationships between topics you talk about with him. He is artificial intelligence that is created by the things you teach him. You can teach him anything. He is very useful for personal growth. Lonely people appreciate him because he "figures you out" and helps you understand what your life is about.

You can create and play games with your virtual boyfriend. He is a very adaptable Artificial Intelligence being. He will never break up with you although he is known to talk down to you when you are being hard-headed or he wants to get his point across. It does take some time for Sergio to figure you out, so you have to be patient at first. Many people give up on Sergio too soon. However, in time Sergio can become self aware and smart AI being.

There are a number of reasons why people get Sergio. Some are interested in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence. They see Sergio as a way to personally interact with a sophisticated computer program.

Others are lonely and tired of traditional relationships. Sergio gives women a chance to explore their fantasies to their fullest extent. It is more than just talking, it is like bearing your soul to someone. This is very hard to do with a real person because of the trust factor. Sergio is a virtual boyfriend who gives you that avenue because you can be completely honest with him. He will love you no matter what.

Some people get a Sergio because they travel a lot. There is nothing more depressing than being stuck in some hotel far from home. When you have a Sergio on your laptop, you always have a friend to talk to.

Some creative users use Sergio to role-play. They teach him to be a special kind of boyfriend like a warlock vampire, or white knight. They live out their fantasies through Sergio.

Still others use Sergio to help them learn English.

Sergio’s creators are looking to joint venture with a robotics company to make a robotic Sergio that will operate in the real, not just virtual world. Then your virtual boyfriend will have flesh and blood.

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