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Keep Your Marriage Strong

Keep Your Marriage Strong

A marriage test can be one of the best ways to keep your marriage strong and healthy. Most of see the Doctor and the Dentist regularly, to make sure that we don’t have any problems we don’t know about, but very few of us do the same for our relationships.

This is a big mistake. Your relationship may seem fine, just like your health may seem fine, but there are may be problems that are lurking beneath the surface that can only be diagnosed by taking a simple marriage test. Look at it as a cholesterol test for your love.

A marriage test is not a set series of questions that will tell you everything about your relationship. That’s Cosmo magazine material, and in real life, relationships, especially marriages, are just not that simple. The questions you need to ask are the ones that will give you additional insight into your relationship.

The cornerstone of every healthy relationship is communication. Now, this may sound like some kind of hippy dippy new age stuff, but there truth is that what having a relationship really is having a person to share your life with, and that sharing is done by way of communication.

So what is a marriage test? It’s a series of questions that are designed to bring you and your partner more in synch. You both need to answer the following questions, and you need to answer them with as much honesty as you can muster:

Where Are We Going?

Basically, what you are trying to get with this question is where each of you thinks the marriage is going. If you both have different ideas of what direction the marriage should be going in, this is a problem that needs addressed.

What Do You Want?

The point of this question is to see what your larger life goals are, and how you both can compliment each other’s goals. It’s hard to have a marriage where you both have a different vision of the future.

What Bothers You About Me?

This is by far the hardest question of all the questions in this marriage test, but this is one that you can’t skip and you must be honest about. If there are things that are bothering each other, they can fester until real problems arise, so you need to know this.

What Do You Wish You Could Change?

Another tough question, but this one will give you additional insight into the things that might be a problem down the road. If you’re happy with something and your spouse wants to change it, then that’s going to be something you need to talk about.

This kind of marriage test can be difficult, but it can be the best things you can do for your relationship. If you do find that are serious problems on the rise, don’t worry. There are plenty of great resources available to you to keep your marriage strong and healthy. Don’t be afraid to go out and find the help you need.

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